Universal Rays Healing


A New Energetic Blueprint 

A Powerful Transformational Healing Process Offered Through Direct Contact with the Ascended Masters Of Light

Energy healing to deprogram beliefs And release Soul wounds

Uplift your frequency

The mastery and consciousness of the Universal Rays is channeled as healing energy to you to assist you to live your Divine Truth. It supports you to transform your consciousness on all levels of your being. 

We will work to release unresolved karma and consciousness that you no longer need to hold onto that is causing you distress and dis-ease in your life - impacting your health, relationships and prosperity. 

You will be supported to life a more joyful, harmonious and creative life through the conscious choices you make.

Come out of individual and collective conditioning. 

  • Drop your beliefs, free your emotions, change your habits
  • Discover your real values that deeply nourish you
  • Get in touch with your authentic creative power
  • Embrace and heal the wounded parts of yourself
  • Get to know and appreciate yourself 
  • Discover and accept your gifts and unique passions

open up to the new

What are the Rays and how do they work?

step into self mastery on earth

Unlock your Potential

The source frequencies of the Universal Healing Rays create a healing matrix in which  energetic blocks can be released. This energetic healing therapy supports you in dissolving karmic imprints that have been passed down through generations.

They clear your chakras, meridians and energy bodies, the subtle layers of your being that hold old memories perceived by the conscious mind as limitations. Allowing light energy it establishes a new energetic blueprint that can welcome the new.  You experience more of who you are and the potential you hold.

Align with the creation Principles

Manifest the Divine Plan

The Universal Rays are the creation principles that govern all sentient beings with free will in this Universe. They are the principles that manifest the divine plan.

These rays of conscious intention originate in the heart of Source and govern manifestation into matter. 12 Ascended Masters are the gateway keepers or guardians of these principles for humanity on Earth. They have given us a channelled healing therapy that we may use to connect more deeply with these creation principles and align with the divine plan.

What to expect from a Session

Guru Deva offers individual in person and distant healing sessions. The sessions will take approximately 1.5 - 2  hours each. 

The process can also be used as part of a retreat, workshop or on its own to support collective shifts in consciousness, in all transformational work, nourishing a growth- oriented and inclusive experience through the expansion into a group soul. Together we will look into how this process can support you and the work that you are doing.

A safe and nurturing healing space

 We will receive Pranic Healing Energy from Mother Earth, as well as a Healing Energy from Source light through direct contact with the Masters of Light. These energies will deeply nourish, enliven and enrich you. At times you may feel a large flooding of light, sometimes heat and energy moving through your being. Sometimes the energy may be very emotional and there may be emotional and/or physical releases. There is space and time for all your experiences.

A guided and supported healing journey 

The Universal Rays Healing is a transformative process that consists of 3 sessions over a time of 6-10 weeks. We will be working with the assistance of a set of channelled cards. This is very specific guidance that assists us to work with the highest potential for you at the time of the healing.

The Universal Rays Healing continues for many days or even weeks after the session and you may feel huge shifts in your thinking and way of being after this time. You may feel a big shift in the way you see your world and begin to understand why you make the choices that you do. You feel supported to make new choices that serve you to reach a higher potential in your life. People often say they understand so much better what is happening in their lives after this work. 

A deeper soul connection

You will also receive a soul chart reading for you to better understand your soul's journey and start integrating more of your soul's perspective into your daily life. Supporting you to adopt a more expansive and inclusive way of life.

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Orientation Call

You can book a free 20 min orientation call to find out more about the sessions and this healing modality. 

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Fee per Session 75 Euros. You can pay per session or the total amount of 225 Euros upfront.

Sessions are offered in person and online.