Are you ready to listen to your Soul?

Path of the One Heart

The Path of the One Heart  is a deep dive into your purpose as a light worker.

It will offer you the depth and breadth you’re looking for along with structure, consistency and guidance to walk the Path of Service through the experience of your own initiations. A profound journey into the Heart of Oneness.

Build your Path to Manifest your Soul Mission

Step into your Mastery as a Way Shower for Humanity


The school was created by 12 Ascended Masters. The Masters say Lightworkers come to Earth to hold sacred space through their light pillars for the new consciousness to flow into the heart of humanity.

The Christed Masters call Lightworkers Jani Taras. Every Jani Tara has incarnated on Earth to serve the divine light and the awakening of humanity through their Mastery.  

The Path of the One Heart School offers you structure, consistency and guidance to walk the Path of Service through the experience of your own initiations into your soul's purpose.

 Serve in a Way that Serves You 

Discover and honour your unique contribution

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the chaos around us, maybe disappointed in humanity and simply want to withdraw. Or we've been giving for years and feel exhausted. Maybe  longing to be an agent of change but not sure how to bring this into the world. The Path of the One Heart is designed to support all lightworkers to step forward with confidence, clarity and compassion - most of all for Self.

Registration is open

Date and time (CET/ Amsterdam time):

March  2024

Start right aways with preliminary live classes as soon as you register.

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Level 1 - Foundation

What you receive 

One Heart Path

How to realign all 12 blueprints in each of the 12 energy bodies that make up your Auric Field and Light Body.

It supports you to activate the consciousness of the 12 pillars of action that align to the divine principles of creation from God Source.

The Caretaker's Path

Fundamental Principles and Disciplines for the Caretaker's of the Sacred Light. How to anchor Your Caretaker Pillar of Divine Light. Specific Activation Codes. The Caretaker's Spiritual Current. Holding Sacred Space for Yourself and Others. 

Individual Guidance and Support

Letter of channeled guidance with your personal focus, the Ascended Master who will guide you, the Archangel who works with you, and an Angelic Higher Self. Ishtar will be channeling this for you. Guru Deva will be your mentor and guide. 

The Course Structure

All lessons are online - partly as a self-study course, partly as live tutorials within a group setting.  

The Path of the One Heart School is based in High Frequency work allowing for truth and wisdom to be experienced beyond the logical and intellectual mind. 

Pre-recorded Lectures with Ishtar

2 x  per month – 1 hour - watch in your own time

  1. PATH OF THE ONE HEART –  The 12 Pillars, and basic theory such as Karma, Chakras, Soul Journey etc
  2. THE CARETAKERS – Ishtar teaches the theory as presented in the manual.

Live Sessions with Guru Deva

2 x per month – group work – online classes. Dates and times to be confirmed with the group.

  1. PATH OF THE ONE HEART – Sharing of Changing Life Work, Activating The Energy Bodies and Energy Body Blueprints, and a channel for the Energy Body. Answers questions and general mentoring.
  2. THE CARETAKERS – Sharing of Changing Life Work, the Key Wisdom Teachings from the Masters, and the channel activation. Answers questions and general mentoring.

All students must watch the pre-recorded lectures with Ishtar before attending the live tutorials

Buddy Work Sessions

Students are paired with another student/s to do their homework and support each other. This is an integral part of the course.

How the School works

During the Path of the One Heart we teach 6 different groups with very specific focuses. The school is taught in three levels of deepening the work.

Foundation Work

Level 1

The first level is the Foundation Work for the soul (12 months). Here students align to the Pillars of Service, realign their 12 Energy Bodies to their original blueprints and train as a Caretaker of Sacred Light or a Harmoniser.

Mission Work

Level 2

The second level is the Mission Work (12 months). In this level students train as either a Magdalene, Scribe or Lawmaker and at the same time complete Level 2 of the Caretakers or Harmonisers training. After Level 2 students may become accredited to practice as a Harmoniser or Caretaker of Sacred Light.

Profound Awakening

Level 3

The third level is the Profound Awakening work (6 months). In this level you complete the second level of your Mission Work. Only after Level 3 students can be accredited to practice as a Magdalene, Scribe or Lawmaker and apply to teach this School.

serve the awakening of humanity 

Where are you going with this journey?

Path of the One Heart is a high frequency teaching channeled directly by In'easa Mabu Ishtar from a council of Ascended Masters. 

This course is designed for all light workers wishing to connect more deeply to their own higher self-consciousness.  

Are you ready to commit to the Path fully, deepen your trust in spirit and develop your service mission? 

You will learn how to walk your journey with more grace and ease instead of exhaustion and struggle

You will receive wisdom and tools to support your sensitive heart and to open up to compassion for Self.  

You will reveal and honour your unique gifts and find the confidence and strength to share them.

You will understand how to serve from your heart and not your mind and start  surrendering to your soul path.

 Foundational Groups

The Caretakers

These Jani Taras hold the sacred space for individuals, groups and communities. They are the Divine Mothers and Fathers that hold the sacred space for all souls. They offer this loving service through their sacred silence as the witness, and also through guided action in community. Through loving service they support all communities and groups such as family, schools, local communities, focused groups, even businesses and corporations – anywhere people come together with a group focus. Over souled by Babaji and Venus Kumara and the ancient Mothers and Guardians of the land.

The Harmonisers

The Healers of heart, mind, spirit and body. The Harmonisers work to harmonise and balance the energies through the development of their harmonic healing codes. When consciousness holds illusion or distortion it creates separation energy, which causes conflict, chaos, drama, suffering and pain.  These Jani Taras are the healers and balancers of conscious energy – human, earth, animals. Over souled by Lady Sarah, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Lord Sananda.

  Mission Groups

The Magdalenes

The divine channels of wisdom. These Jani Taras are the wisdom teachers and way showers of divine truth. 

The Scribes

The Akashic Record Keepers who help you to release old stories and resolve the karma attached to these stories.

The Lawmakers

Mentors of all spiritual seekers. They work with the 5 stories of humanity, the Universal Laws, the Creation Principles.

Registration and Financial Investment

Registration is through the Path of the One Heart Mystery School website. The site will take you step by step through the enrolment process. 

You can book the school with or without Healing Rays Sessions. From my own experience I highly recommend to include this additional support.

Once you have registered, I will be in touch with more details.

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What is a Jani Tara?

Jani Taras are the pillars of light for humanity. We are the way showers on the path of Ascension for all souls on Earth.

We are also the first ones to receive the new waves of conscious energy. That is sent to this planet during specific times of increased awakening and enlightenment for humanity.

We hold specific codes within our DNA that allows us to integrate and anchor this energy for all of humanity, when these codes are activated.

Yet when they are not activated. We tend to become overwhelmed by the new energy frequency we are receiving because we do not know what to do with it

How do I know If I am a Jani Tara?

Jani means a gift from God. Tara means the feminine wisdom of compassion and liberty to walk the spiritual path.

The Christed Masters and the Essenes

Several years ago the Ascended Masters asked In'Easa mabu Ishtar to share the sacred teachings given to the Essenes long ago to Jani Taras committed to their purpose on Earth today. These 12 Masters step forward now to teach you the same fundamental principles they taught the Essenes. Through this work they show you how to walk the path of mission as well as offering powerful and life-changing energy activations and dispensation that support you to step more deeply into your divine truth.

More than 2,350 years ago a council of 12 Christed Masters taught the Essenes how to teach Jani Taras to hold their hearts open to themselves so they could remain in a place of sacred space in their hearts and minds so this energy may be held on Earth.

The Masters say Jani Taras come to Earth to hold a sacred space through their light pillars for the new consciousness to flow into the heart of humanity and to support this consciousness to be anchored and grounded for all beings.

These Christed Masters taught Jani Taras that they were a sacred portal of living light and showed them how to hold this sacred space within them. They assisted each Jani Tara to recognise and accept their unique gifts. They supported Jani Taras to understand that it is only through the transformation of each human soul that the collective will transform and lift its heart and mind from the shadows and once more claim its light again.