Step into a new level of Self-Care

The Inner Self Sessions

The 4 part spiritual growth course shows you
how to have more security within and to lovingly
 support yourself through change and transformation.


Build and Cultivate Your Inner World

Learn How to Shift from Striving and Struggling into Awareness and Presence


Your Inner Self is the most crucial relationship you will ever have. It's the foundation upon which you build a life of true meaning and deep well-being. But in today's fast-paced world, it can be tough to give this relationship the attention it deserves.

This spiritual growth course is your opportunity to cultivate an unshakeable connection with your inner being - the place where your soul and spirit's deepest desires and purpose reside. You will learn the essential qualities required to deepen this connection, allowing you to be fully present, awake, and aware.

The best part? You won't need to add anything to your to-do list to achieve this. Instead, you will learn to trust what emerges from within you, allowing your natural state of being to shine through.

Are you ready to break free from external struggles and cultivate a reality that is richer and more authentic than anything outside of you? If so, this course is for you.

Hi, I am Guru Deva.

I have been a spiritual mentor for well over twenty years and I have seen over and over again how people can do transformational work for years but still struggle to make going within a priority. The reason? Doubting our own experience.

Self-doubt can be devastating. As it is continuously pulling us out of ourselves. To come out of doubt several things are needed at the same time. It often requires complete realignment on different levels, and that is what we’ll be focusing on in this course.

You will learn and experience the difference between working on yourself and giving yourself the authentic support you truly desire.

I know from my own journey how easily spiritual practice can turn into an obedience exercise - calling parts of ourselves we disapprove of to order. 

This course draws on my experience of walking a spiritual path for 25 years. I have come to understand - often through many struggles, physical pain and lack of trust in myself and my journey - that strengthening our sense of self-compassion is necessary for a deeper awakening and true well-being.

I would love to help you navigate these unprecedented times with a whole lot of clarity, focus and elevation for your soul.

So that you can

Start living from your own priority

Get to know yourself and honour who you are

Shed old layers of contration and step into new ways of being

Trust yourself, your intuition and act on it

Support yourself through Change and Transformation with more ease and self-compassion

Here’s what people are saying about the course

I touched my own heart

This course is life life-changing for you personally, as you embark on your own discovery to learn and open yourself to a deep level of understanding of yourself and to seek a more joyful life.

To be aware of your own energy and conscious to use it for yourself and not others. Your thoughts and actions change, becoming more serviceable for you, your life changes in all areas and brings peace, calmness, happiness, confidence and joy. It was incredibly beautiful to get to know myself and touch my own heart.

Janelle Farr

Gentle changes occurred that are having a big impact

I loved the fact that everything was so well structured and yet there was not too much content to be overwhelming. There was a lovely mix of exercises and meditations that helped to gain more understanding of myself and to reflect on how I approached my spiritual practice and indeed my life!

Guru Deva has a deep wisdom and walks her talk. I was surprised how much came up for me and how gentle changes occurred that are having big impact on my life. I have had a big health problem these last two years which has been quite a journey and this course has definitely contributed to my recovery.

Sara Bailey
United Kingdom

An unshakable connection with your Inner Being

Welcome to the Inner Self Sessions - where you'll find the knowledge and confidence you need to unlock the power of spirit and soul within you. This course is all about spiritual self-care, giving you access to the most valuable resource of all - your own inner compass.

Here, you'll learn how to sustain and nurture yourself from the inside out. Through a powerful combination of tools, teachings, and practices, you'll discover how to tap into your pure source of inspiration and intuitive knowing.

The Inner Self Sessions will show you how to access the wellspring of wisdom that lies within you, allowing you to navigate life with greater ease and grace.

So if you're ready to embrace the power of your inner self and experience the healing medicine of spirit and soul, this course is for you. Let's get started!

What makes this course so powerful

t's simple: flexibility and support. You get to go through the program at your own pace, but you'll never be alone. The unique combination of guided self-study and live support means you'll have everything you need to succeed.

This course is designed to show you that states of connection and flow are available to all of us, at all times. All it takes is a willingness to practice, the right tools, and some guidance. And that's exactly what you'll get here.

The practices are simple, yet profound. Based on my own journey, I've identified what it is we really need to tear down those walls we've built around our inner knowing. This isn't about practicing more - it's about practicing differently.

I have developed a 4-step process to bring a higher power into your daily reality and sustain yourself from within. You'll learn how to shift from mental understanding to creating a coherent experience of embodied knowing. 

So if you're ready to experience the transformative power of the Inner Self Sessions, join us now. 

Plus You Receive Monthly Group Coaching Calls  for Ongoing Support 

Knowing you have access to guidance along the way can make all the difference .

Do you know this?

There's a plethora of spiritual offerings these days, and it can be difficult to navigate.

You try one thing, then another, and still feel like you're stuck in place. Self-doubt creeps in, and you wonder if it's the practice or if it's you.

Maybe you've attended a workshop or retreat, and experienced moments of profound awakening, connection, and insight. But once you're back in your regular routine, it's hard to integrate those experiences into your daily life.

You're feeling the pull to deepen your spiritual practice but there are so many paths to choose from. It's easy to feel lost and unsure about where to start. Your desire to connect with your true self is strong, but you need guidance to navigate the vast spiritual jungle. Get the support now to find the profound connection you seek. 

Establish an inner framework for compassionate growth. 

Hold sacred space for yourself

Commit to your own development, ground yourself in a solid practice, integrate what you've learned, and honor and trust your own process.

Powerful tools to transform, balance & expand your energy

Meditations, affirmations to lift your vibration, light technology, space clearing and cleansing rituals to initiate and keep that change of vibration in your life. To feel more alive, more at peace and more joyful.

The Dynamics of Spirit and how to work with it

The importance of intention and focus to make choices that serve us and move into unknown terrain.

To listen to and trust your own guidance

Journaling, deep listening, daily routines to receive from your Higher Self, creative self-expression

So that you know

how to

Become aware of your energy and change it if it does not serve you

Express yourself freely and find back the joy of being alive

Feel energized, present and grounded in your body

Feel and care for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs

Feel empowered within yourself

Here are some more experiences of those who've done the course

Great way to dive deeper into inner resources

A powerful journey to intuition and inner power. A great way to dive deeper into inner resources, connection to all that is and the flow of life. Lovingly guided!

Luise Anders

A big step further toward your True Self

It‘s an experience that takes you a big step further toward your true self. It‘s wonderful to explore that and I would definitely recommend it.

Elke Egger

What you will get

Short Daily Practices Video and Audio Guides

During this online course, I will guide you through 4 daily practices to show you how you navigate through life with more ease and joy. These are given in short (under 10 minutes) video and audio guides that you can use quickly every day, 

More expanded video wisdom teachings

You will also receive more expanded video wisdom teachings that you can explore at your own pace. 

Workbooks for Each Module

Also, each module will be accompanied by workbooks with key learnings, suggestions for further exploration and questions for going deeper with your practice. 

Monthly FB live group coaching call

Once a month you can connect with me directly during my FB live coaching call with all people taking the course. You will have the possibility to submit your questions before the session and get the guidance you need at that moment.

Materials also available as Audio and Transcript

And every video is also available as an audio download in case you prefer to listen, and transcript, if you are more of a reader. 

Next step guidance call after course completion

You have access to the course materials and to the monthly support calls for a period of 6 months. This gives you ample time to go deep into each module and to make these practices stick. 

In addition, there will be a next-step call once you are complete with the course.


The Inner Self Sessions will help you to come out of your head and empower your life from the inside out.

I entered a creative flow

A month ago I accepted a challenge - to feel and live by my intuition in everyday life. I was curious to know what that might look like. 

The guided process used in the training made it happen. The whole training is designed to pass you through various aspects of your personality. Personally, I had to deal with my own difficulties and resistances of different nature such as discipline, commitment, and emotional outbursts which quietly led me to the opening of myself - my hidden parts but also my potentialities. This has broadened my perception of myself, my environment, and their mutual interactions. I felt myself entering into a creative flow fed by my mere presence. Amazing. Try it and discover what is waiting for you on this journey. Each one finds her own responses. 


You find it hard to focus and set priorities for wellbeing and growth

Life is busy with your job, your family or serving others. You know that regular practice to connect to yourself and higher guidance is beneficial. But there always seems to be something which is more important. You have a tendency to overgive and overcommit. A regular practice feels like yet another thing you need to do.

You struggle with being consistent and pulling through

You feel excited when you break through old patterns in the moment, yet disheartened and confused when you get knocked back into patterns you thought you had outlived. When everything goes well, it gives you a lot of confidence. If things do not go as expected, you doubt yourself. You are challenged with trusting the process and persevere with what you have been guided to.

You turn around in endless loops of self-doubt

You feel trapped in your own life and habits of coping with life. You start something, the self-doubt creeps in telling you: What if I cannot do it? Are my dreams not impossible dreams? This creates a lot of inner pressure, anxiety and self-judgment which deflates you even more. You do not know how to break the loop, which keeps you stuck. 

You get easily overwhelmed by what is happening in the world

You tend to withdraw from the external world completely instead of feeling what is going on for you. This leaves you numbed to your own needs and desires. When people ask you what you want you find it hard to connect inside and feel at home and secure within yourself.

Course content

The Modules

Module 1

2 Chapters

Trust and Intuition

You will learn why just doing meditation or any other spiritual practice is not enough. Trust needs more. It needs your reflection on what is happening for you. And it needs your willingness to ask for guidance and act on it. In this module we will explore this dynamic.  

  • You will learn how trust and intuition are intimately connected. One cannot exist without the other.
  • You will understand why waiting for outer signs that you can trust will simply create more confusion and doubt.
  • You will learn how to ask for guidance and what the one thing is you need to do to start trusting yourself.

Module 2

4 Chapters


In this module you will meet and strengthen your observer self and work with the principle of non-interference. 

  • You will come to understand that taking a distance will support you to engage with life more, not less, and become aware that you have choices when you think you have not.
  • You will discover your biggest distractions, the ones you might not even know you have and how to come back to your center. 
  • You will learn why clarity is more important than certainty.
  • Also, you will learn about subtle energy and how to direct it to come out of habitual loops of exhaustion, stuckness, struggle and drama which make it almost impossible for you to access inner guidance.

Module 3

2 Chapters


In this module you will work with the power of now. While your mind always wants to take you somewhere, your heart brings you back to presence and the fullness of the moment. Through the practices offered you will experience how the intelligence of your heart guides you to a greater understanding: Shifting out of judgment and control into compassion and surrender to what is. 

  • During the process you will tune into the sensitivity of your heart, your purest source of higher knowing. This is the key to intuitively guide you to what is right for you NOW.
  • And you will understand through your own experience that this is all you need to know, which in turn supports you to come out of inner struggle and find peace within.
  • You will learn how to appreciate yourself and all parts of you. To honor your own journey.
  • You will learn how to hold space for yourself and how transformative this is.

Module 4

3 Chapters


Flow comes in many forms and shapes. This module will support you in letting go of any expectations of how this needs to happen or look like for you. You will immerse yourself in what wants to flow through you instead of trying to create flow. Flow is the state when your soul fully anchors into your body. Life becomes larger, more aligned and definitely more fun. You start ‘downloading’ guidance. Intuition is the language of your soul. 

  • You will learn how to anchor your soul into your body.
  • You will learn how to give to yourself what you really need so you do feel fulfilled.
  • You will learn how to be more ‘in the zone’ and less exhausted by life.
  • Expand yourself into a higher vibration with joy.

Who is this course for 

This is for you

You get the most from this course if you already know the problems you face are not outside of you. You already know where to look, but are unable to resolve the mental and emotional confusion that traps you. 

Stuck in your head you long to be in your heart but you just keep getting pulled out of yourself. Life becomes an exhausting and often joyless exercise. 

You long to care for your deeper needs and nourish your inner connection. You have been unable to make that a priority in daily life but you want to make that change. 

The practices are not difficult and can also be done by beginners who are open to explore their connection with spirit and learn how to access their intuition. 

This is not for you

This course is not for you if you are looking for knowledge about spiritual concepts and are unwilling to do the work. This is an experiential course that requires you to make room to be with yourself regularly. 

As a normal person with no previous experience with Yoga and other things this course is about, I was amazed by the content. The content is well explained for beginners, too. I could connect with the trainer and understood what she explained. This course is an introduction to the spiritual world, so necessary in today's chaotic world.

Alina Rotaru, Romania

 This course is the way to welcome yourself and your inner possibilities. It gives you needed tools and boosts motivation.

Tetiana Kovalenko, Belgium

It offers you easily accessible tools to give you another perspective on how you can live your day-to-day life. It will help you to discover new aspects of consciousness and new layers of awareness. And supports you in finding your true purpose and applying it.

Frank Korsmit, Netherlands

Nourish your Connection with your Inner Knowing

The  Inner Self  Sessions 

Practices & Tools that are easy to Integrate

Guru Deva creates a space for magic to happen

This is a powerful course wherever you are on your journey. Guru Deva has the talent to pick you up where you are. Even if it's in a big group, you will feel that she speaks to you directly and you will feel seen and heard. The wisdom she has to offer is deep and relevant. This course gives you practices and tools that are easy to integrate into your (maybe busy) life and that are incredibly powerful. Guru Deva helps you bridge the gap between "practice" and "daily life" and encourages you with a lot of love, compassion and humour to apply what you learn in life. It's a great reminder to stop searching externally and instead bring the power and wisdom within you to the outside. The sharing part really helps with this and it was amazing to see how strong the group dynamic became within just a short amount of time. Guru Deva creates a space for magic to happen and if you say yes to the process, you will experience it.

Anna Frederike KOeberich - United Kindgdom


Regular Course

EUR 97

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

What Are You Waiting For? 

A little more about myself

Because nothing has ever been created without an inner growth narrative propelling us forward. 

Here is mine.

With 25 years of practice I have a thing or two to share about inner work. It’s been a journey - from prescribed 2.5 hours of sadhana formulas to freestyle dancing and everything in between.

All these experiences have been precious - and still are. Let me say this: There is no one practice that will solve your life. But there are ways of practicing which are more helpful than others. This course brings together all I know through my own experience and through witnessing the journey of many wonderful people I had the privilege to teach and guide. 

When I started out, one of the first things a former teacher said to me was the following: “Guru Deva, just breathe and you will be ok.” It took practice to receive the depth of those words. It is so easy to dismiss them as cliche spiritual advice. 

I am telling you this because it taught me how true learning takes place. Others can give you guidance but they cannot give you learning. True learning requires embodied knowing. Only then you can fully receive the guidance you’ve been offered and you are ready to receive more guidance as your angle of awareness expands.

This is the journey I invite you to embark on. It is a journey from self-doubt to self-empowerment and care through opening your mind and heart to spirit and soul. A potent combination of individual practice and timely guidance to help you elevate yourself and your life.

Talking to people I feel there is a yearning now more than ever to live from a higher level of awareness, and thus, create a higher level of reality on earth.

This is your energetic roadmap for the times ahead. 

If this resonates, register now.

Guru Deva


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