I hereby create un umbilical cord to Divine Energy

Touch a Deeper Dimension in your Life

Welcome to the Realm of Sacred Transformation. Change your consciousness Change your world. 

Whatever brings you here

The Journey of A Thousand Miles begins beneath One's Feet

I am honoured to be your guide. The programs offered provide a framework for transformational growth and learning. The focus is on facilitating core shifts, providing direct access to your own wisdom and knowing. Start now and create an unshakeable connection to your inner compass.

Experience the Joy of Being You


Guru Deva

My name is Guru Deva. I am a spiritual mentor, teacher and healer. I am also a student -  and learning. 

Transformative work is at the core of all I am  - seeking to create a context where more empowering ways of being can be explored, the ones that encourage compassion, generosity, creativity, and connection. Because essentially, me and you, and all of us, are alchemists. 

And from the depth of that knowing and 20+ years of experience, I offer guidance as fuel for soul growth. 

Let me show you that there is a way. Always.

Start Now

Nothing is too small for your attention. Nothing is too big to be aspired to.

Life is a process. Step by step. Choice by choice. 

What are you here to learn? And can you give that to yourself?

This is the transformative power of consciousness in action.

If there is something to be in alignment with, it is the love, trust, faith, and guidance of heart-centered consciousness, always showing you how each moment is enacted by the perfection of wisdom, always in support of your evolutionary benefit, and not as a result of the circumstances in view.

Once you no longer use the power of ideas against yourself, you are ready to expand your inner healer into an inner artist who was born into a body to use its infinite capacity of creative energy for the greater good of all. This is the transformative power of consciousness in action.

Matt Kahn

Walk your Path

Path of the One Heart - Registration is open now

The Path of the One Heart  is a deep dive into your purpose as a light worker.

Kundalini & Yin Classes - in person and online

Your weekly reset, upshift and restorative practice.