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You will look at spiritual practice with a fresh level of awareness - to turn the ‘heaviness’ of inner work into conscious rituals of deeper connection.

I have put together a collection of  Skillful Means that I use in my Spiritual Growth Courses to help you navigate life with more grace and ease and open up to the medicine of spirit - the place of true well-being.

Here is what is included:

  • Video Master Class : Spiritual Myth Busting - Inner Work revisited for an immediate shift in perception (45 min)
  • E-Book Inner Work revisited: FROM DOING TO BEING, includes principles, exercises, tools and a checklist (30 pages) 
  • Meditation Audio recording:  Listen within for inner peace and connection (15 min) for when you need an instant reset

A spiritual tool kit for times of crisis

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Hi, I am Guru Deva

With 20-plus years of spiritual practice in different spiritual traditions, and mentoring people on their spiritual path,  it is my sincere wish to share with you what I found to be helpful and to bust some spiritual myths along the way. 

With The 7 Doors of Deeper Practice, I've put together key principles to be more present with yourself.

Principles that apply to whatever practice you choose. 

Principles that support you to experience wholeness in every moment. 

I know that they work because I am applying them myself, and so do the people I am working with. The inner change is tangible and keeps impacting the level of choice, peace, and fulfillment I am able to experience on a daily basis.

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