Inner Work Revisited

The Ultimate
Self Care Collection 

to Nourish Your Inner Being

The 4 part spiritual growth course shows you
how to have more security within and a sense of trust
 in your direction no matter how challenging life gets.  

I'd think you would all agree

It is so important to feel well

Looking at the intensity of experiences we’re going through, we need compassionate acts of self-care more than ever. 

Here is the thing, though: Our sincere longing to be our best selves often turns into yet another 'to do' which adds to the load we are already experiencing. 

Despite our best efforts we cannot help feeling anxious and somewhat apprehensive.

What if you could source your wellness from a deeper level of being?

So that you can 

  • Stop judging yourself for not doing enough inner work, or doing it 'wrong'
  • Stop applying your usual coping strategies to your spiritual practice, and feel bad about yourself
  • Stop looking for the right thing to do, and start nourishing your Inner Self instead

Get your ultimate self-care collection to nurture yourself into wellbeing.


A fresh level of awareness

The ultimate self-care collection is packed with principles, practices, and processes to open you up (more) to the medicine of spirit - the place where true wellbeing resides. 

We will look at spiritual practice with a fresh level of awareness - to turn the ‘heaviness’ of inner work into conscious rituals of deeper connection.

Here is what is included:

  • Video Class : Spiritual Myth Busting - Inner Work revisited (45 min)
  • E-Book Inner Work revisited: FROM DOING TO BEING, includes principles, exercises, and a checklist (30 pages) 
  • Meditation Audio recording:  Listen within for inner peace and connection (15 min)

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What you will get

In the webinar, I will guide you through the single most important shift you need to make to move from anxiousness to inner peace and deep fulfillment. 

The workbook helps you to integrate this shift and immediately apply it to your practice, and daily life. You will become more aware of what part of yourself you are feeding and if this is really nourishing - and the good thing is that it does not have to take long. 

I will share super simple ways - so called micro practices - with you to develop the qualities of awareness and mindfulness within. These will help you to bring your focus back to peace, connectedness and heart-centered ease throughout the day.

The workbook also shows you powerful techniques on how to integrate all parts of yourself into your practice. 

Plus you will receive inspiration on how to simplify your life to make room to practice, what to do and what not to do. 

At the end of the workbook there is a checklist to assess your state of wellbeing on all levels of your being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - to see which parts of you could do with a little more support and take a balanced and alive approach to your practice.

The guided audio meditation gives you an instant reset. You can listen to it every day or when you feel you need a little extra boost. 

Ready to start caring for yourself on a deeper level?


Simplify to Go Deeper

These days there is so much spiritual stuff available, and it can be challenging to find your way. 

You are practicing one thing, stopping, trying something else and you feel like you are never getting anywhere. You either doubt the practice or you doubt yourself.

During a retreat, workshop, or training you experience beautiful moments of awakening, connection, and guidance. Once you get home, things look very different and you struggle to make your spiritual practice a living practice. 

You’re overwhelmed by all the practices and teachings on offer. You want to start connecting with yourself more but you are not sure where to turn and how to begin. You feel lost in a spiritual jungle and could do with some guidance.

Get the Ultimate Self Care Collection now




  • Masterclass Spiritual Myth Busting
  • The Ultimate Self Care Workbook
  • Guided Meditation for Inner Peace



Billed Quarterly ($90)

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Hi, I am Guru Deva.


With 20-plus years of spiritual practice in different spiritual traditions, and mentoring people on their spiritual path,  it is my sincere wish to share with you what I found to be helpful and to bust some spiritual myths along the way. 

As a recovering perfectionist and notorious self-doubter, I know all too well how tempting it is to let your honest longing for inner connection become pursuits of neverending betterment.  And I know that I am not alone. I see so many people who come to me for guidance and struggle with self-worth. They tend to use their practice against themselves or stop altogether. 

If you can relate, let me show you how you can turn the compulsion of improving and proving into self-compassionate acts of well-being. 

Let’s simplify in order to go deeper.

Guru Deva